Monday, October 19, 2015

Clutter Clean-up Challenge

Is this what your studio looks like?  Are you so overwhelmed you don't know where to start?  It was only 4 short years ago that my sweet hubby created this beautiful studio for me where I swore everything would have it's place, and it would never look cluttered.  Ha!  I mean, I always knew I was a stamp/scrapbooking hoarder, but I think I finally have to admit, I'm out of control and a bit overwhelmed.

These are more pics of my workshop table where I used to (*sigh) teach classes.  I've been telling myself lately that I'm not teaching because I want to give myself a break, but alas, it's probably just because I can't get my table cleared off!

I try putting things into smaller piles so I could put things away more efficiently, but then I get a new package of goodies delivered, or I unpack a bag from a recent crop, expo, or class I've taken, and I'm back at square one!

This is my tall table, where I originally dubbed it my "creation station".  I think once, when my studio was first finished, I was able to create here.  Usually, when I have to clean off my table quickly, things just get dumped onto here.

I just have piles upon piles on this table.  When I have to finish off a birthday card or something, I usually balance a box or binder of stamps on top to find what I'm looking for.

This is the floor along the base of my Stampin' Up! stamp shelves.  I've got boxes lined up there from tools I've bought, and I feel I need to hang onto the boxes "just in case".  Time to get them into the attic.

These alone are two big shopping bags of rubber stamps from my friend who finally cleaned out her stamp room.  I can't decide what to do with them ... hold an event where people can choose a bunch of stamps for a small fee?  ...  sell them on EBay (well, I'd have to learn how!) ... donate them and be done with it?

This is the other end of the room.  Yup, more bags.  These are piles of organization items I don't use anymore, like five(!) Tim Holtz stamp binders.  Baskets, boxes & bags of scrapbooking embellishments.  I've got a sewing machine cabinet buried in there!

This wall is my favorite part of the room.  The shelves to the right of the drawers hold all my Ranger and Tim Holtz stuff ... stamps, inks, paints, pastes, Idea-ology, etc.  All the piles at the base are supplies that need to find homes.  And all those drawers hold punches ... yes!  ALL punches!  I don't need all those punches anymore, do I?

This basket alone must have close to several hundreds of dollars worth of new stamps, dies, embossing folders & stencils, all waiting to get logged in, labelled, and found homes.

And, what about this corner?  I've got Wendy Vecchi's Ranger suitcase (it came home with me from the trip to England with Wendy Vecchi--she emptied it from class supplies, and I filled it with stamps & supplies from a stamp store in London), and a huge rolling bag with supplies from an event that was probably a year ago!

OK, so this pictorial confession is a challenge for myself.  I'm having a friend or two over Wednesday night to have a creative play date.  My goal is to at least get my table cleaned off, and things PUT AWAY, not just piled onto the other table!  I'm going to post before and after pics over the next few weeks of all this clutter disappearing and to keep myself accountable.  Maybe I'll do some giveaways while cleaning stuff out.

If you want to see more classes once again in Mrs. Rodgers' Neighborhood, please, keep me on task!  Now, I'm off to get started!

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